Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Boo, I know. But it is holiday time, and I am compelled to post something about not being stupid, getting hurt, or getting thrown in to jail when enjoying beer. So here's a few "didja know" facts to ponder while staring down a packed November/December booze-fueled holiday season. The Almstom Bros over at BeerAdvocate had some great tips, basically reinforcing their "Respect Beer" mantra:

  • There's plenty of beer to be had, with plenty of time, so pace yourself. Drink for flavor, not just for impact. Always practice moderation when drinking. Get to know your limits, and don't exceed them. If you feel that moment of absolute cheer, take a break, grab a water and some food.
    • Water is your friend. Drink plenty of it, to help detoxify and counteract the alcohol stripping water from your system.
    • Eating also replenishes the system, slows down your rate of consumption, and helps to absorb alcohol so you don't find yourself inebriated after a few beers. However, though eating will slow the absorption of alcohol, it won't necessarily stop its impact.
  • Alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream at a different rates. Factors that can change this at the individual level include:
    • Health. Mental and physical issues, such as your mood, illness, depression, stress, and fatigue, can increase the effects of alcohol.
    • Weight. People who weigh less or have higher percentages of body fat will be more affected by alcohol.
    • Gender. Men typically have less percentage of body fat than women, thus they tend to have a higher alcohol tolerance.
    • Medication. Follow your medication's instructions or doctor's advice before drinking as some medications mixed with alcohol can be deadly.
    • Time. How fast did you drink? Breaks in between beers? It all adds up. Pace yourself. If you had say 5 pints of a 5% beer within a short period of time, it would take your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) around 15 hours to return to normal. FIFTEEN HOURS, PEOPLE!
Missouri & Kansas both have 0.08 legal limit on driving under the influence. Here's a calculator that will tell you how the math works. If I had 2 beers in 2 hours, I'd have a 0.04 BAC level. But if I had 4 beers in 4 hours, I'd be over 0.08. Think about your own habits, how having a clean legal record and a valid driver's license makes your current lifestyle possible, and how you really like not being guilty of harming innocent people. Or yourself.

Oh, and who else has noticed than KC has gotten remarkable in the availability of cabs in the last few years? It is awesome. The cost of a cab is SO MUCH cheaper than the alternatives. Don't drive if you shouldn't.

K, I think that's enough lecturing from me for today. The next post will be much more upbeat. Perhaps jovial. Or lighthearted. (These are my favorite, vague, mean-nothing terms that appear on creative concept scopes. Best ever.)