Thursday, November 15, 2007

I hate waiting too

My unnatural love for both beer and celebrity gossip rarely connect in a story that should appear here. But today, TMZ really came thru for me. This post appeared today, talking about a New Zealand guy who loves cold beer and hates carrying coolers full of ice as much as I do. And so he has invented the most important beer-related item since, well, I don't know what. And he calls it the Huski. Heh. It costs $50 in NZ $, which is around $38 US.

Although, really, what this story is pointing out to me is that as we approach the icy winter in North America, they are going to beaches in NZ because it is summertime. I am thinking that I need to be able to work virtually anywhere in the world, and a location in the southern hemisphere wouldn't be a terrible idea. Tahiti, New Zealand, Australia, wherever.