Sunday, November 11, 2007

Beer Me Monthly, Please!

Out of character, I decided to start thinking about holiday gifts BEFORE it is actually December. Staying more true to form, that means I am just doing a lot of internet searches, and not really purchasing anything yet. I am trying to decide what to get my youngest bro and his girlfriend, who are budding beer snobs. I am thinking a micro-beer of the month club might be appreciated. But none of them tell me enough about the beer to be sure they are worth the spend. Anyone have an experience with beer of the month clubs? I'd love some recommendations.

Oh, and hey, Boulevard Brewing Co.! You guys should really put together a bigger, more blown out holiday pack. I'd love to be able to give 12 months of Boulevard Beer to someone, without actually purchasing 144 bottles at once. I'm not even talking about the awful logistics of shipping beer, but maybe something with coupons, mailed to the recipient once a month, to be redeemed at a KC store? That would rule.