Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I’m nicknamed shamrock but my name is not shamus

This is NOT a song title. It is a lyric. I've grown tired of titles. It's my blog, my rules.
CaffeineGoddess already posted this, but I love it. Clicky clicky. It reminded me not to forget who I am. Because dammit, I am a beer sort of girl. I had skipped out on mas drinking con addies tonight. Sent The Husband as my representative. Decided to be all responsible and spent an hour working out instead. Amazing how spending time on gym & health food accounts will make you want to stay in shape, ya know? But now I am bored, alone and drinking Irish Ale with The Dog. I've already done some homework, called my mom, my dad, my sister-in-law AND my friends who are expecting a baby this week, & now am studiously avoiding doing any actual cleaning of the house. So to pass the time, I became a member of this. Becoming an actual priest costs money, but you get a lovely paper certificate to prove it.
Obvious topic o' the week: Friday is St. Patrick's Day. I'm Irish, I'm a beer sort of girl, and yes, I am taking a half day on Friday. Even though it is the 2nd worst amateur drinking holiday ever. (Topped only by New Year's Eve.) Don't drive anywhere on amateur drinking holidays. Even if the hardest thing you drink is apple juice. End public service announcement.