Monday, August 21, 2006

You got a dry Martini, thinking you're cool

I DVR'd the HBO stuff - now I have something to watch tonight. Last night The Husband & I went on a Sunday night date for overpriced raw fish and beer. It's ok that it was overpriced, because we factor in the added value of free entertainment. We people watch. And not really in a smooth or unobtrusive way, either. The martini-swilling, faux-society-set are not quite as intelligent, well-spoken or entertaining as Al Swearingen and crew, but it was still worth the price of admission. Although I really would have preferred to have been ready for this steamroller Monday when I crawled out of bed. Don't Mondays at the end of summertime after a night with beer always feel like steamrollers?

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Doesn't this look like one of the stupidest movies, ummm, ever? Even the website is borderline retarded. It makes disgusting little farty noises when you select different areas. I'll probably see the movie, at some point, but I still have 100 free movie passes I haven't used and will probably expire before I drag myself to a theater.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

There's a Tear in My Beer

It's like a divorce. Only with 300+ kids. If anyone needs someone with whom to drink a beer after this, y'all know who to call.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Go Inside And Get My Pickle

We had a party two weekends ago, to celebrate the new deck and The Husband's b-day. We bought volumes of beer, and some people made some comments about the state of our fridge. Primarily the fact that it contained no food, a few condiments, and lots and lots and lots of beer. We also had buckets of ice full of beer on the deck. We had a bit leftover, but it's been going quickly. Tonight will contain a trip to the liquor store. Sure, we have tequila and rum and vodka and mixers. But I am running out of beer. I am thinking about a novelty label like Black Sheep's Holy Grail, or maybe Bell's Oberon summer ale. Whatever it is, I need it to be kept really really cold. says that at 6 pm, it will still be 93 degrees, and feel like 98. Better than yesterday - it was still 106 at 7 pm.