Wednesday, September 19, 2007

At Last

Spot from Guinness. I don't seem smart enough to make YouTube and Blogger act like they love each other. Anyone who has hints, they'd be welcome!

Anyway, cute spot, with nerds being nerds always. Etta James' At Last is the track, which of course is a wedding song for millions of people. Me & the Husband included.

**edited to add that clearly I am not a creative person. Those 2 words, "cute spot," are enough to make some people's heads explode. To them, I am sorry.**

Monday, September 17, 2007

Nuttin', just, uh, you know, um, stuff, and, ah, whatever

*mumbling like a teen who wears too much eyeliner and refuses to stand up straight*

It is pitch black in our hood, after 11 at night. My neighbor is doing some sort of unexplainable yard work. The dog finds this unacceptable, and will not stop barking. Loudly. I'm don't really blame him.

I am not drinking beer. I am saving all my beer love for Saturday and Oktoberfest. The Husband will be in town and everything! Woot. But I missed my beer blog, and had to do a drive-by even though I've got nothing really beerish to say.

I will take pictures this weekend. Of beautiful beer. I'll take pics of people too, if they allow such nonsense. But those will probably materialize in a more picture friendly forum, like the newly-discovered-by-lame-adults-Facebook or the dying-a-slow-death-MySpace. Or somewhere else entirely.

About the above, I'm sorry to offend anyone, and I include myself in the first group. I realized how ridiculous my status updates were, broadcast for anyone to consume, in some horridly, overly cutesy tone in my own mind. I still do it, of course.

Here's to hoping that Tuesday isn't so, you know, Monday-ish.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

It's September - time for Oktoberfest!

I have Oktoberfest on the brain today, and came across these articles that give all kinds of detailed advice for people attending the festival in Munich.

Guide to the tents
Don't look like a tourist

It isn't really the kind of advice about where to stay or where to eat, but practical tips on navigating the beer tents and what not to do. If you're headed out there, color me jealous. Someday, my friends. Someday.

In the meantime, all I have to look forward to the local KC version. It is Sept 21-23, held in Crown Center, and it only costs a measly $5 to get in the door, listen to some oompah music, see grown men in lederhosen, and watch a few women, fresh from the local Ren Fest display their ample bosoms in corsets and peasant blouses. Although between you & me, most of those women have overly ample everything.

I haven't reviewed an Oktoberfest in a while. I think I'll have to grab a few bottles and do a little tasting party at the beer sort of house. I'm thinking that we'll need
some Augustiner, Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbrau, Lowenbrau, Paulaner, Spaten and the local, Bob's 47.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

What do you drink when you order Panang or Doro Wat?

According to this article, the rise of Thai, Moroccan and Ethiopian foods are increasing the profile of craft beers. Wine doesn’t have the body to stand up to the heat and the spice. It has relatively narrow range of flavors that are really best suited to more elegant, delicate, Cordon Bleu and northern Italian type dishes. Beer lists are growing by the foot at ethnic restaurants across the nation.

My favorite quotes :

Beer as a sophisticated drink is not a new concept. Until the '60s it was beer, not wine, that was the alcohol of moderation - what Koch calls a country club drink that respectable adults drank after attending the symphony.

"I love beer commercials cause they're great pop art. But nobody was really educating beer drinkers about the dignity of beer, the history of beer, the tradition of beer, the brewing process, the nature and the quality of the ingredients."

"Your definition of beer and your expectations for beer are too low. We brewers have not really elevated your expectations for what beer can be."