Friday, November 09, 2007

How much beer would you have to drink to get a $300 bar tab?


OK, I've never personally had a $300 bar tab, but that is not unheard of with a group, especially at an overpriced club in Vegas. But what if you spent $300 on ONE bottle of beer? Dustin, who pokes me with a stick every now & then to see if I am still alive, sent me an email today about this. Sam Adams releases a special edition called Utopias each year, and this year it is just in time for the holidays. It is dark, uncarbonated, 25% ABV, and very spicy, earthy and more like a port than a beer. You are supposed to drink it like a fine liquor, in a brandy snifter, at room temperature. It has a suggested selling price of $140 per bottle, but everywhere I have noticed it, it has never been for less than $279. So, you know, if you are racking your brain, trying to figure out what to get me for the next gift giving holiday...ha ha.