Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Drive by

Hey! You know what would be awesome? Cram a full 5 day work week into 2.5 days, add one new employee, 2 million additional time-suck projects, a few impossible deadlines, drop long-term planning off the table, and then shake until fully pressurized. Whee! Poppin' the cork on that one tomorrow afternoon, fo' sho'. I think the IPA, the Sixth Glass, and something completely different will be consumed on this upcoming 4 day.

Oh, and? Completely out of character, I was awake at 5 am this morning. FIVE. A. M. Run errands, do stuff, get Starbucks, and STILL get to work a full 30 minutes early. I mean, I know some people get up that early everyday, but those people are not me. Those people are farmers.

Last item. I saw this on the KC Beer Blog. Apparently, after all my not-really-holiday-hints, I actually DO need this item as a gift.