Monday, February 18, 2008

Is it spring YET?

The winter depression is so deep in my office right now that there were actual, audible moans, coming from cubes all over the floor, when it was announced that it seemed to be snowing again this morning. Only a flurry, mind you, nothing real. But what used to be pretty is now cause for grief. We're all just so OVER winter.

I noticed the beer industry has heard our cries. While it just isn't appropriate to think about beach beer yet, they are slowly inching us into seasonal mindsets. Here's the start of a decent to do list:

Sam Adams released the White Ale this year for spring. It is a milky, unfiltered, Belgian wheat.

New Belgium is bringing back it's Springboard Ale for the second year, another Belgian pale ale with a little zestiness built right in.

Old faithful, Boulevard has released it's seasonal Irish Ale, my long-standing favorite.

Sierra Nevada has already released it's ESB for 2008 spring.