Sunday, October 21, 2007

Things I Fall For

I not-so-secretly love fall. Everyone I know seems to love the season they were born in, probably because as a child it meant good things, parties, presents, etc. I whine about having to rake roughly 10 million leaves, but I'd gladly rake my yard forever, if it meant I wouldn't be shoveling snow in 10 degree weather or mowing the grass in mid-August when it is 110. I had the best weekend, and it wasn't that exciting. We cleaned up the yard, trimmed trees, attempted once again to murder my neighbors out of control vine collection, cleaned the house top to bottom, had friends hang out on the deck, drank dark beers and went furniture shopping. (We didn't buy anything. We shop past the point of it being fun, then impulsively buy things on the internet. That's how we roll. )

We drank Paulaner's Oktoberfest, Boulevard Bob's 47, Lowenbrau Original, and a healthy dose of Gentleman Jack was administered amongst the guys. Somebody brought some 12 year Elijah Craig, and this was a wonderful development, I was told. I am more of a beer sort of girl, regardless what tales anyone has told to you, related to vodka or tequila. I was young and foolish once too.

Next weekend my mom is coming to visit, and then after that I am off to Vegas to celebrate turning 31. It just sounded like the good, adult, responsible thing to do.