Wednesday, October 10, 2007

No wonder it goes well with Japanese food!

I'm not original. I heard about this on the morning news, and noticed the bad ad parody on AdRants yesterday, all but ignored the story in my self-absorbed daily routines. Then I saw it on the KC Beer Blog too, and it hit me that I am kind of an idiot. (Shut up.) I'm not even delving into the whole issue that Greenpeace has. What was upsetting me is this - Budweiser is brewed from RICE? Yup. Apparently from a mixture of rice and barley malt, according to the never-questioned, all-powerful Wikipedia. Huh. Most American lagers are brewed from cheap mashups of rice, corn, barley malt and a handful of hops. What ratios? Don't know. I am becoming enlightened.