Monday, August 13, 2007

Bad beer decisions

I've been on a faux beer diet. It hasn't been a good time. I have been only drinking light domestic beers for the past few weeks. (Hence the sporadic and stinky posts on my i love beer all the time blog.) I am currently waging a full-out-war on squishy body parts and regardless of how often I tell myself that having a beer here or there is ok, it really hasn't done anything to help my efforts. I am going dry for a week. If I lose a ton of weight, I'll have to admit that drinking yucky Bud Light really isn't worth it at all. ~sigh~ Why drink yuck if it makes you fat & doesn't taste good anyway?

It's like a beer sort of lent. You know, without that whole connection to the son of god fasting in the wilderness. Or something. Religion & politics have no place on a beer sort of blog.