Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Date Night is Beer Night

I haven't seen much of The Husband lately. We've both been a little busy. I've been out of town when he is around, and he's out of town or in town and working 15 hour days when I am home. Saturday we were both in town on the same day, so went out for beer. We were both so tired that we didn't stay long, but we managed to grab the last freakin' Sam Adams Octoberfest that Tom Fooleries had in the house. They didn't expect it to go so fast, the bartender said. Not so fast? Duh. I love this stuff.

This beer ours a redish/orange brown with a white head. The smell is mostly of malt and almost sweet. The flavor is rich and bold and is of mostly malt, with hardly any hops to be found. It has a great balance of flavor and carbonation. It is very smooth, medium body but the beer has a thick flavor. It has a long, lingering aftertaste that some sweet notes that just add to the character. I wish I could get it all year round.