Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Too Much of Anything

I'm not in a beer mood.

I know!

Drinks at Beer Girl's Blog this week are bad rum punch concoctions. Mostly Hawaiian Punch and Bacardi Gold. I've made pitchers and pitchers of the stuff to keep you all busy while I am in Puerto Rico. I hope you don't get sick. Red punch puke is not something I'd like to see or smell when I get home. As a bonus, THIS GUY will be here to help you with your drunken rum punch mission while I am gone. Doesn't he just look like he can't wait to pour those drinks for you? I bet he'll hit on all you after you've had a few!

Sorry if you know this guy, I just thought it was an awesome pic. Poor guy, it's probably just a personal photo from some vacation, and here I am using it for my own amusement.

If you're mad it's not beer, I'm sure I have some plain old Bud Light or Miller Lite in the fridge too.