Friday, May 27, 2005


Today's beer is Yuengling Lager. The only reason I have had this beer, and in great volumes, is due to the fact that one of my friends from college was from Pennslyvania, or PA, as he called it. Anyway, he would make the road trip several times a year, and make it back here with cases of this stuff, raving about how amazing it was. The Yuengling Brewery is supposed to be the oldest in the US, and I believe them. Their traditional lager is nothing crazy, zany or oddly flavored. It's just good, solid, classic beer, amber colored, and pretty mild in terms of hoppy flavoring. Great cold cold cold. I've only had it from a bottle, so I can't argue bottle vs. draught. You can't buy it here in the mid-west, so I'm sort of bending my own new rules to include it.