Friday, February 18, 2005

Cold Beverage

Stick it in the fridge, stick it in the fridge, stick it in the fridge
Because I like cold beverages
I'm kind of thirsty....

The beer special at Beer Girl's Blog this week is Pete's Wicked label's Wicked Ale. Now, I do realize that this is not truly a craft beer, and just another example of the man buying out a little guy who used to make craft beers, and is now manufactured in big old factories, just like Bud. However, I like it, darn it, and that's what I am serving today.

Wicked Ale is a brown ale type of beer. And I do love me some brown ales. This is a nice, reliable beer, usually available at most bars, and goes with almost anything. Not too heavy to drink more than one, but not so light that you miss out on enjoying it. Description from the Pete's Wicked site:

AROMA: Roasted caramel, hop bouquet
BODY: Medium
TASTE: Surpisingly smooth. The initial malt sweetness is balanced with the hop, dispelling the myth that all dark beers are bitter
MALTS: Pale and Caramel

HOPS: Cascade and Brewers Gold