Friday, February 25, 2005


That's a title of a song, but it's so generic, so I'm actually supplying the lyrics of the chorus:

If I get drunk well,
I'll pass out on the floor now, baby
you won't bother me no more
if you're drinkin', well,
you know that you're my friend
and I say I think i'll have myself a beer.

Sounds like a Friday kind of song to me.

I think we'll need a light beer for heavy drinking.
The positives - Light feeling, crisp, defined as 'refreshing.' MUST be served ice cold. Also nice for those on diets.
The negatives - Can be bland, either feel flat or overly fizzy, horrible when served near room temp. Not as satisfying as 'bigger' beers.

I'd like to be more interesting, and offer up a Sam Adams Light, Amstel Light, or something other than the big 3's versions. But I've got to be honest. And honestly, I drink a lot of Miller Lite. I think it has more flavor than Bud Light, even though The Husband will contest this hotly at any point.

Glass bottles are my favorite for this beer, so that's what you're getting today. Drink up boys & girls. It's after noon, and almost officially the weekend.