Tuesday, March 04, 2008

March Madness

I love March. I really do. And I love it more this year because the Big 12 Tourney is in KC, in the shiny new arena downtown. And my Jayhawks are on a tear. Which helps. And reminds me about the Alumni meet up next week:

Big 12 Tournament Kickoff Party
Young Alumni Members-only Event

5 p.m.
Thursday, March 13
The Cashew
2000 Grand Ave.
Kansas City, MO

I thought that I would do a PSA kind of deal for the locals. All of my suburban house-cat friends are askeered of the parking situation downtown. They seriously bring this up a deterrent to attending a concert, game, etc. Just because there isn't a parking lot that look like the mall or at the K doesn't mean you'll have to walk for miles in the dark & creepy downtown landscape. There are a TON of parking garages downtown. You just have to find 'em. It's like the Plaza, but with BIGGER garages! There are 2 garages below the district itself. They hold about 1,800 cars. There are garages EVERYWHERE. They cost a couple dollars. Welcome to being urban. You pay. To park. GASP! I know, right?