Monday, July 30, 2007

Who took Latin in High School?

75th Street Brewery

520 West 75th St. Kansas City, MO 816.523.4677

Ex Desparatus

Tonight at 5:00pm

What's in a name really? The first time the Master Brewers at 75th Street Brewery sampled this beer, they realized that a simple or clever name would never do this beer justice. "Ex Desparatus, a votum pro spes" is a Belgian style pale ale that pours a dark copper color with an aroma of coriander, malt and a slight hint of yeast. The taste profile reveals a higher than normal carbonation followed by coriander and a touch of noble hops. A malty finish rounds out the taste to complete an ensemble several times more laudable than the name the brewers have chosen for it.

Ex Desparatus, a votum pro spes...

Out of desperation, a prayer for hope.

What does that mean? That's for you to decide. Everybody finds a different meaning after trying this belgian style pale ale, and that's just the way the brewers want it.