Monday, June 19, 2006


So, some dudes here are starting a brew club. They are committing to brewing their own beer, and sharing. Amongst each other. They get boxes in the mail of tempting and delicious items like chocolate malts and whole hops. And I feel like someone's little sister for a minute, whining "me toooooo, meee tooooo!" in my head. Because I LOVE beer. I love hops. I love malts. I love cloudy batches of dark brews made with, "something new we tried." I loved the grainy, earthy smells of barley and hops and malts, wafting from a giant kettle behind the bar when Dave's Brewpub still existed. I could totally get into brewing my own beer. But then I'd have to go out & buy all the goodies & spend time obsessing & obsessing. And then I thought that it might cut into the 40+ hours I put in at work, the un-counted hours I put into my Husband's company, the remodeling projects & parades of contractors that I have going on at home, et cetera. Nevermind all the time I like to set aside to enjoy drinking beer. So I just hope they let me be a taste tester.