Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Beer & a Haircut

This story caught my eye. Jude's Barbershop in Grand Rapids, MI is in trouble for providing a complimentary beer with haircuts. Jude's owners claim the practice of offering alcoholic beverages at no charge to customers is common in the hair and beauty industry. And it IS! Women get offered a glass of bubbly when they go to get a pedicure almost anywhere. Why can't a guy have a beer with his haircut? Just because the poor, deprived men of the Grand Rapids city council haven't had the pleasure doesn't mean that it is a BAD idea!

There is a new rockabilly retro hot rod hair salon in my town called Chop Tops. The whole idea cracks me up. The hairstylists wear retro duds, the walls are covered in pinups, the place has a glam-garage feel, and of course, beer in included in the price of a cut. I think that it is brilliant. If I ever decide to reclaim my bangs, I will go there to do it.